Interview Lizzy Gevers

18 Mar 2020

Interview Lizzy Gevers

Interview with Lizzy Gevers

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Lizzy Gevers. I’m 25 years old living in the Netherlands. I love food and going out for dinner is one of my favorite things to do. My favorite food at the moment: Poke bowls. I love to make them when I have to lose weight. Besides food I love shopping, but who doesn’t? I have studied psychology and am now working as a recovery coach within a housing facility for ex-detained boys. My dad has his own judo school so I grew up into the gym. I loved being around and to watch the older guys

Can you tell us something about your BJJ journey?

When I stopped my judo career I wasn’t done fighting. I started looking for a sport that suited me. I participated in the Dutch Sambo Championship and I did a number of wrestling training sessions. I finally did a number of BJJ lessons at various gyms. I really liked BJJ because it looks like judo but more orientated to the ground work. I started to train and learned different techniques .  I really like to mix it up with my judo, to create my own BJJ game.  In April 2018 I became a blue belt. In July I did my first BJJ international tournament and became first. I took some time off to train and did my second BJJ tournament in November 2019 at the primal games where I became also first. I gave myself a chance at the European Championships BJJ in Lisbon this year. This was a very nice experience from which I learned a lot.

Please tell us about your academy and professor

I train at Gracie Barra Oss, The Netherlands. My professors are Duane van Helvoirt and Frans van Casteren. They are booth black belts under the great Draculino. What I really like about my academy is the way we train. We are really fighting for a submission , that style suits me very well. They even give me a nickname , NO FLOW LIZ.

What do you love the most about BJJ/MMA/Grappling? 

What I like the most of BJJ/MMA/Grappling is the fact that you are on your own. It doesn’t matter who you are , how much money you earn or which status you have built up. It’s about that one moment you can prove what you have learned and how bad you want to achieve it.

What do you like the least about BJJ/MMA/Grappling?

In judo we know the word '' mate '', which means that if the game stands still for a long time without improvements, the two fighters are disassembled and the game starts standing again. Sometimes I wish that they have it in BJJ/MMA/Grappling too.

there anyone you look up to as an example? 

I am not really the person who is a fan of something or someone. I always try to learn from people around me. I pick the stuff I like and try to make it my own.

What’s your favorite Female Fighter gear product, and why?

I really like the female fighter legging combined with the bra. It’s my fighter outfit ! it looks cool and it suits so well on your body!!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? 

I would love to snap into places. No time traveling any more, that would be awesome. From a hard training into bed!!

If you want to do a shout out, feel free to do so

I really want to thank Marjolein and Laura for having me on the female fighter gear team. Hoped you liked my story , If you are interested to follow my journey as a female fighter please follow me on Instagram @lizzygevers .

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