The Female Fighter Foundation was started by Laura Hondorp and Marjolein Groenen, who are both dedicated martial artists. Goal of the foundation is to make martial arts more accessible to females. Practicing a martial arts has many benefits. Not only does it stimulate physical wellbeing and defensibility for women but it also facilitates tremendous mental growth. However, taking part in a martial arts class which is predominantly filled with men can be a huge obstacle for females making them reluctant to take up a martial art.

One of the pillars of the Female Fighter Foundation is to make martial arts more accessible to females through organizing ‘girls only’ martial arts activities. These activities are only accessible to females and focus primarily on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). BJJ is an art which focuses on ground fighting and is world-renowned for its technical ability. Despite the fact that this martial art has proven that technique can overcome strength, and its relatively active community of practitioners in the Netherlands, the art is still somewhat withdrawn from the broad public in the Neterlands, especially when it comes to women. However, BJJ is the perfect martial art for women because of the ability of women to overcome much larger and stronger opponents.

Besides the practical applicability of the sport in conflict situations, its principals are just as easily adopted away from the mat. Especially leading a balanced life is one of the most positive effects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Learning to deal with apparent setbacks and coming through a stronger person leads to a positive mental development for many practitioners which helps them to flourish in all aspects of their life.