Female Fightercup 2018, Shout out!

10 Oct 2018

Female Fightercup 2018, Shout out!

This is a shoutout to all coaches, trainers, supporters and Female Fighters out there! 

On November 10th the topfighter gym in Dessel will be turned into a "fighting arena" for all the fierce Female Fighters out there. 

Every year our foundation organises a tournament especially for the ladies who are involved in this amazing sport, Brazilian jiujitsu. We, Marjolein and Laura, noticed that for ladies it's hard to find enough opponents, or fight in a weightclass close to your natural weight, because of the lack of options at regular tournaments. When they first started competing, they also noticed how scary it can be as a white belt to step on the competition mat for the first time, and how hard it can be to fight (for example) a lady who is close to being graduated to blue belt or who has many years of fighting experience in disciplines similar to BJJ. 

With our foundation we aim to create a platform which makes the sport Brazilian jiujitsu more approachable for ladies, not just by open mats and camps, but also for the ladies who want to test their game in a competition. That is why a few years ago they created the Female Fighter BJJ Cup. 

Reasons why you should register: 

- No KO system, so multiple fights guaranteed

- IBJJF weightclasses, so you can Always fight close to your natural weight

- Female Only, this tournament is only for the ladies among us

- White belt beginner division, for the ladies with (almost) no competition experience, low key way to start competing

- Elite division with price money

- Open class division with awesome prices

- New medal design for 2018, which is awesome and would look great around your neck! 

Are you a coach, trainer, Female Fighter or do you know someone who should definately register?! make sure you spread the word and/or register this month. 

The Female Fighter foundation is looking forward to see all of you on the mats, and making this another great event, supporting all the Female Fighters out there. 

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