Female Fighter open mat Leiden

18 Jul 2015

Female Fighter open mat Leiden

As you probably already know, Female Fighter organises an open mat every month, at a different location in the country. This open mat is free of charge, and gives us ladies the opportunity to train with different ladies from different teams (without politics). As most of the ladies experience it's still mostly a man's world, which makes moments to train with a lot of ladies rare.

Since 2014 Female Fighter is organising a monthly open mat, and we have seen a lot of new faces ever since. BJJ is growing in general and also among the ladies and we are happy to be able to create a platform for all the Female Fighters!

Last open mat took place in Leiden. Alex and Ana Ramirez opened up their gym for us. Thanks a lot for this :-D

Alex had the privalige to teach a group of 16 ladies. After warming up with a nice flowing session, with did some really nice techniques. Omoplata sweep with the lapel, Cross knee pass to side control and much more. Closing of the class with some round of free sparring completed another succesfull Female Fighter open mat!

Next month the Female Fighter Summercamp will take place, which means the next open mat will be in September.

For the location and date, keep your eye on our Facebook page.

See you on the mat!

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