Female Fighter open mat Eindhoven May 2015

08 May 2015

Female Fighter open mat Eindhoven May 2015

Dear Female Fighters,

Today there was yet another great Female Fighter open mat. This time we went to Gracie Barra Eindhoven (Sportvision). Jochem Branderhorst (GB Black belt) and Brian van Miltenburg (GB Brown belt) had the privelige of teaching all the ladies today.

12 ladies were present to join a class filled with takedowns and a legdress to guardpass position.

After a great warming-up we started off with practicing the "jacare" signature takedown (o-uchi to ankle pick). To complete the technique we finished it off with a legdreg guardpass to side control and a variation to the full mount.

After some "slow" practicing we started speeding things up and drilling this sequence at a higher speed. everyone was picking up the pace and sweatdrops were flying around the dojo. But hey, "sweat is fat crying" so that's awesome!

After a quick waterbreak we ended training with a couple rounds of sparring. The great thing about these open mats, is that you have the possibility to train with different ladies from different gyms. no politics just fun and sharing the passion and knowledge!

The next date for the open mat will be the 28th of June (not confirmed yet!)

See you on the mats!

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