Female Fighter goes Obstacle run

20 Jun 2015

This weekend Valkenburg "the Netherlands" was the stage for a big obstacle run. 7 Female Fighters decided to make a team and join this awesome event.

To make sure we looked like a team we made a teamuniform with a bright neon yellow colour, little did we know that this yellow t-shirt would turn out completely brown after we were done with our run!

What we found out, is that BJJ provided us with great cardio (even though we're no runners) and the physical ability to fullfill the obstacles without troubles and end an event like this with succes, without the need for medical intervention or reanimation, haha.  

We conquered hills, mudbaths, ropes, caves and made a takedown on the caveman protecting his cave to finish it off as a team. We had fun, challenged ourselves and pushed limits and can't wait to join again next year!

Now it's time for a little rest day, making sure all the mud is out of our ears again.

See you on the mats!

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