Female Fighter CUP, November 2017

14 Jul 2017

​So... this year on the 4th of November we will be getting together for another Female Fighter BJJ Cup in Dessel (Belgium). 

We've opened up registration already and there will be a list of fighters online so you can see how many fierce ladies entered.

Still having doubts on why you should enter? Just read the main reasons below.

- Not stuck in a -65 +65 weightclass, we'll make sure you fight close to your own weight with 5 weightclasses in every category.

- Never competed before, don't worry, we've created a category specially for you. The white belt beginners class, for ladies with none or very less competition experience. 

- Awesome prizes, not only medals are provided, but we also have some great sponsor packages to hand out to the winners.

- No KO system, which means gaining a lot of experience fighting multiple matches.

If you want to see more reasons to register for the competition, check out last events pictures, or just register and figure it out while competing. 

See you on the mats! 

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