Female Fighter BJJ Cup - Results

13 Nov 2018

Female Fighter BJJ Cup - Results

Last weekend the Female Fighter foundation organised another edition of the Female Fighter BJJ Cup in Dessel Belgium in collaberation with Topfighter Gym (Benny Rogmans). First of all we would like to thank all the participants, supporters and our volunteers for helping us making this event a great succes. We truly couldn't have done it without all of you. It makes us proud to see all those fierce ladies giving it their all on the mats, and the respect we see towards eachother, on and off the mats. 

Below you can find the final results from last weekends categories: 

White belt Beginner -64

1e Britt Depetter

2e Madison Seim 

3e Audrey Finet

White Belt Beginner +64

1e Sabrina van den Goorbergh

2e Lien de Neve

3e Patricia Boon

White Belt -64

1e Michelle Geugjes

2e Babbe Noya

3e Joy Bernard

White Belt +69

1e Marie Legein

2e Leen Christiaens

3e Kamelia Vakavchieva

White Belt Open Class

1e Marie Legein 

2e Britt Depetter

3e Babbe Noya

Blue Belt -58,5

1e Galey Deslypere

2e Fiona Swords

Blue Belt -64

1e Laura Kunst

2e Liza Kolev

3e Agnes Lisik

Blue Belt +64

1e Diana Zebracka

2e Gitte Wolput

3e Els van Stappen

Blue Belt Open Class 

1e Tessa van Meerkerk

2e Laura Kunst

3e Liza Kolev

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