Female Fighter BJJ Cup Februari 2017

04 Feb 2017

​It's a wrap, the 2017 Female Fighter BJJ Cup was again a great succes. First of all we'd like to thank our sponsors and all the volunteers. We couldn't have pull this of without you, so thanks for your support! and of course all the fierce ladies who conquered the mats and gave it their all. You ladies are all awesome and we hope to see you and even more ladies on our next edition later this year. 

A special thanks to BJJ Fightgear, for the prizes for all the champions, and for keeping a special Female Fighter Splash sale to promote the cup and womens BJJ in general! 

Underneath you can find the results:

White Beginner:


1e Appoline Janssens (Shocx)

2e Ines Berodes (Gracie Barra Anderlecht)

3e Valentina Riascos (Gracie Barra Anderlecht)


1e Jamie van de Ven (Gracie Barra Maastricht)

2e Vanessa Gomes (Gracie Barra Anderlecht)

3e Joy de Valk (Rickson Gracie Amsterdam)


1e Chloe Carbonel (Gracie Barra Maastricht/Liége)

2e Lieke van Leur (Factory)

3e Manon Schoonenberg (Nova Uniao)


1e Kasia Karabela (Babytank)

2e Julie Sentis (Jiujitsu Factory)

3e Doria Mjahid (Gracie Barra Anderlecht)


1e Yaroslava Sorokhtey (Brasa Belgium)

2e Marah Maud Dirks (Strive JFF MMA)

3e Anniek de Bot (Nova Uniao)



1e Angela Caredda (Gracie Barra Maastricht)

2e Momoko Campos (Yaware)

3e Aliya Ishchenko (Renaissance jiujitsu)


1e Stephanie Deschuyteneer (Renaissance jiujitsu)

2e Jenneke Swinkels (Nova Uniao) 

3e Selina van der Meer (Team Agua Budofit)


1e Els van Stappen (Brasa)

2e Yvonne Deckers (Nova Uniao)



1e Pleun van der Zwalum (CSA Gracie Helmond)

2e Laura Kunst (Renzo Gracie Holland) 

3e Natascha Legrand (Alexandre Esperon)


1e Cynthia Noordzee (Rickson Gracie Amsterdam)

2e Djoeke Bouwmans (ICON Ede) 

3e Andrea Verberkmoes (Happyfitness)

Open class White

1e Yaroslava Sorokhtey (Brasa Leuven)

2e Stephanie Deschuyteneer (Renaissance jiujitsu)

3e Chloe Carbonel (Gracie Barra Maastricht/Liége) and Marah Maud Dirks (Strive JFF MMA)

Open class Blue

1e Andrea Verberkmoes (Happy Fitness)

2e Dorien Beeckmans (Brasa Leuven)

3e Pleun van der Zwalum (CAS Gracie Helmond) and Laura Kunst (Renzo Gracie Holland)

Keep your eye on our website and FB page for more interesting news. 

The pictures made by Marga Hondorp will get online soon.

See you on the mats! 

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