Female Fighter BJJ CUP 2016

24 Apr 2016

Dear ladies, 

As you might have already seen online, the registration for the Female Fighter BJJ Cup is now open. This means you can start registering for this awesome event. 

Together with Team Topfighter we are working hard to realise this event to promote Brazilian Jiujitsu among women, and create a platform were women can show of all their hard work, blood sweat and tears. 

We want to make sure that all of the ladies participating gain a lot of experience, and for that reason we choose to do a poule system instead of the regular knock out system. so more then 1 fight guaranteed! 

We couldnt have done this without the help of our sponsors! So thanks a lot for this. 

If you want to support this initiative just send us a message. we're open to all kinds of cooperations. 

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