Female Fighter BJJ Cup26 of May 2018


Date: May 26th 2018

Location: Topfighter Gym, Brasel, 2480 Dessel.


All weighins are with the gi on.

If there are 2 or less fighters in a class there is a possibility that weightclasses will be combined. If this happens we will anounce it on "registration check day".


Registration is only possible by using the online registrationform. Other ways will not be accepted!
Registration costs €20,-

You can register until Tuesday the 22th of May 2018.

Your registration is complete when the payment is done.

Registration and payment at the tournament will not be possible.

Payment Info

IBAN: BE17979-6363119-21


Team Topfighter

PAYPAL: femalefightercamp@gmail.com

Registration check day

The athletes must make sure that their information is correct by checking the athletes list for their: 1. Name information 2. Division 4. Weight (with Gi)

If there are any mistakes on the information the athletes can send an e-mail with changes using femalefightercamp@gmail.com with the subject 'REGISTRATION CORRECTION'.

The deadline is 19th of May 2018, 24.00 hours. Corrections after this date will not be accepted.


The points and rules are the official pointsystem of the IBJJF.

We will use a poul system to make sure that all the ladies can gain some extra experience.


Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
And we might have an extra surprise from our sponsor Booster

The winners of the elite divisions will receive 125euro price money when we have a minimum of 5 contestants in the division.


If you have any questions, please let us know.
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Instagram: @femalefighter_bjj
Twitter: @femalefighterNL